Let's Not Ship: Blank Page (rambling)

Get off your duff.
Yesterday I decided to gut my office. The idea was to make it more "zen." Well that didn't work, because now I'm surrounded by the mess I made. Deciding I'll finish it after I watch just one more episode of Doctor Who. 
Have you ever had moments of intense boredom? Have you been sitting there staring at your monitor wondering why you can't just create that one thing. That one thing. That special thing. You aren't looking for fame and glory you are just looking for recognition from your peers. That's the creative thing. The idea that you will be respected by your peers. 
So here's the problem. You aren't creating anything. You are just staring blankly at a blank page wishing and hoping that the idea will just happen. 
Close your eyes for a minute. I'll wait.
Now open them. 
Is the page still blank? Okay, so I'm guessing you don't have magic elves to make things for you. 
There are so many of us "creative types" calling ourselves artists, photographers, writers, and social media gurus without actually creating something. It's easy to bring your macbook to Starbucks to work on your "screenplay," but at the end of the day what are you getting out of it? A sugar filled coffee, a dry muffin, less money in your bank account, and maybe 200 words. What are you really accomplishing?
That's the question you need to be asking. Are you writing what you want to write or are you just filling the coffee shop's quota of hipsters typing into a macbook?
It's deeper than that though. You want to be someone special. You want to know all these years of pats on the back, and people telling you that you really made something special was all really true. You want to feel validated while working towards your dreams. The problem is that it takes time and work, but really who has the patience for that. You want to make instagram for hamburgers, but you don't want to spend the hours, days, and weeks developing that app. Then testing, releasing, marketing, and so on. You want it done now.
So we are back here at your blank page. Waiting and wondering when that big idea will drop, and you'll get inspired. 
Get up
Go somewhere else. The park, the ocean, somewhere with trees, go make your bed, something that isn't the computer. Clear your head. Read, listen, sleep, and eventually it'll come to you. Your big idea, but it's still a blank page. 
Here's where it drops off. It's where you have to sit down to make your thing. It's going to take time and effort. Maybe you'll forget to go to work because you are so wrapped up in it. Maybe you'll forget to drink coffee today or have a shower. There is something more important to you now. Your big idea. You'll do anything you can to make it work. You don't want to lose steam. You want to push on. You want it to get done. 
So why are you still staring a blank page?
I don't know. I'm still staring at a blank page, and have no idea what I want to create. I think of myself as a creative type. A photographer of sorts. I sometimes feel like I have the write to call myself a photographer. I've been published, paid, contacted, worked, and done my share. Other times I tell myself "well it's been a while since you've been published maybe you aren't a photographer."
It's those thoughts that get me inspired to work a little harder. Whether it is towards a new portfolio, website, client, or just going for a bit of a wander taking photos of what interests me. Sometimes you have to let the negative become a positive. Shape it. Make it your own. 
There are lots of ideas I've let go to waste over the last few years when I was trying to figure things out. I'm done letting things die for not putting in the work. I need to buckle down and get things done. I've got notebooks filled with ideas laying around on my office floor right now just dying to get out. Maybe I just need to share them and let someone else make them a reality. I'm happy being just a credit somewhere tucked on page ten. It's about being happy, and doing something for myself.
So why am I still staring at a blank page?