Let's Not Ship: The Ron Swanson Syndrome

Ron Swanson is the depiction of everything a man should be. A man's man. A man who could get lost in the woods, and survive (but wouldn't get lost in the first place). The kind of man who needs to grind his toenails, because conventional clippers can't cut them. A man whose whole life dedicated to being...well a man. 
A command of your facial hair. You tell it when to grow. 
The kind of man who knows how to fell a tree, and takes pride in yelling "timber." Afterwards he uses the tree for home projects like tables, harps, stools, and seasoned firewood. 
It's almost an absurd projection of manhood, and what it means to be a "man." Yet all the hipsters look up to him.
**** Don't know where I'm going with this something about hipsters thinking Ron is "cool" because he has real world skills that aren't record shopping and drinking over priced coffee.
We long to be this blue collar hero, but without getting our hands dirty. We go to old timey barbers, buy expensive designer axes, and grow mustaches. 
***I had this written in my head in the shower. What the fuck why can't I write it now?
It's this sort of blatant mockery of a generation that really got me thinking. What could I do to make this world a better place? What could I do to help teach people real world problems like fixing a flat? This spurred an idea for a web series I failed to ship. And by fail to ship I mean do anything with. I have the idea, and a semblance of a script, but little else. Why couldn't I follow through, and finish the project?
***explain some of the in my head things like getting stuck on who would host it, and not worrying about a script or how I would shoot it. would I get a crew? should I kickstarter it? should I kickstarter for a pilot? Or do I make a pilot and kickstarter it after? Do I get people to help me? There are lots of people I know who could help, and would want to but I don't ask? I just talk about it and don't do anything. Do the episodes have themes? 
Man up, asshole! 
I think Ron Swanson was strategically put on television to point out our flaws as a generation. I'm worried what will happen in the next few years. There are only so many people who can make websites, be "artists," and be "photographers" before everything implodes.
***blah blah blah. Figure this shit out Tyson. Get your thoughts straight before you start writing or something. You have these ideas in seven notebooks around your place why can't you just write something? I don't know. Fuck. Now I'm talking to myself. 
Stupid hipsters.
Remember when you were little and something your dad would take it to his workshop, and he would fix it. He seemed to know how to fix everything. Up there on his workbench. All the answers were up there. Sure, now we have to explain how Angry Birds works to him, but being able to fix something. That takes talent. I have a thirty seven year old friend who doesn't know how to change a flat tire. How fucking dumb can you be? I learned how to change a tire before I owned a car. 
When I moved out my dad gave me a book. Something like "the lost art of manhood." To point out how little I knew about how to do things when I moved. I can honestly say I know how to do most of the things in that book now, but not because I read that book. But because I had to learn. I'm not about to sit around in an apartment with no power because I didn't know how to change a fuse. It's another one of those things that made me want to do this webseries. Maybe I should get my act together and start it again, but it is way easier to just not do anything. 
Ron Swanson wouldn't care if I didn't know how to do something. It would mean I'd die in the wilderness. It weeds out the weak from the strong. Being a man is more than paying your bills, and having a penis. It means knowing how to do things, and being able to look after yourself and others. 
***I really have no idea where I was going with this anymore. Maybe I'm not asking the right question.  

be I'm not asking the right question.