Let's Not Ship: Television

Why is it that I can dedicate several hours a night to watching shitty television but not to work on my on projects?

I'm not going to lie to you. I have no reason to, but I just want you to know that I hope you still love me after what I'm about to tell you. I enjoy watching Hawaii 5-0.

Not the classic, but the reboot with James Caan's son, and the fat Hawaiian guy from Forgetting Sara Marshall. Don't judge me.

Here's the thing. Why can I consider watching television shows like Big Bang Theory, *** list of shows *** not wasting my time, but when it comes to working on my own projects I'm too busy watching Sliders on Netflix?

Unlike most of my friends I don't work in the tech industry. I'm a grunt. I do manual labour at a helicopter outfit. When I come home from a hard day of work all I want to do is veg out, and not peruse my artistic pursuits. I want to lay on the couch, drink a beer or two, and eat microwave nachos while watching brain-numbing television programming.

Yet, at the end of the night when I head to bed I usually curl up with a book about productivity or a podcast. It's not unusual for me to wake up with cords wrapped around my neck, and a book wedged somewhere unpleasant.

It's when I'm in bed reading or listening to a podcast I wonder why I didn't achieve what I wanted to that night. It's also when I think about how I don't really think The Big Bang Theory is THAT funny that it couldn't wait another day, week, or month to watch. It's time I could be spending working on the things I want to work on like my photography and writing. Usually by the time I figure this out I've fallen asleep, and can't do anything about it.

So the next morning I sleep in until the very last time I can hit the snooze button, and get out of bed in a panic. Swearing that today is going to be the day I figure it out. I stop watching shitty television, and start working for me.

I spend the whole day inspired. I'm going to work on something for me tonight. An idea will pop in my head, and I'll make notes in my moleskine notebook. Too many ideas to fit in there, but something changes when I get home. I have a shower to wash off all the crap from another day at work. I crack a beer, and collapse on the couch for another marathon session of Sliders (can you tell I've been watching Sliders?).

Often this laziness interferes with more than just me sitting down to write another terrible blog post, but I'm not doing household chores like laundry or the dishes. It turns out I'm okay wearing dirty clothes, and eating off the same plate for three days when it comes to watching television.

Television is my way of switching off at the end of the day it seems. Much like the rest of the western world. My peak creative hours are between eight and five, but that's when my brain and body belong to a company. There is no time for my own creative pursuits during business hours. I better be thinking about wiring a plug properly, and not how much I want to write about elf unions when I'm wiring that plug.

***Maybe I need to work on this? Yeah, I think I need to get a space pen so I can write in the shower. That's where I have all my good ideas. To think that's where people spend most of their time masturbating. Suckers.

Like it was muscle memory when I got home from work today I sat in front of the computer, and started watching Hawaii 5-0. I did this instead of writing those emails I've been putting off, or editing those photos from the weekend, or writing about how much television cuts into my me time.

**** Hand me that remote. I want to watch something different. Where's my remote control. The one that turns off this bullshit, and turns on the one that makes me want to work on things. Come on Tyson. Ugh, we need to figure this shit out. Where is your fancy notebook that you were writing all of this in earlier? I need to work on these half formed thoughts. 

Fuck it I'm going to watch Sliders.