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It's been about two weeks since I went to see Reignwolf. Since then I've been struggling to finish writing something about the show for my blog. Don't get me wrong the show was spectacularly entertaining and a blast to be at, but I've just been unable to focus on writing about it. 

I was first introduced by fellow photographer, Brian Van Wyk. He and I were standing in line to grab a beer before we started shooting Rock The Shores. I mentioned I was planning on skipping him to have some lunch and most likely another beer on top of that. He told me I could grab lunch anytime and I would regret not shooting Reignwolf for the rest of my life if I missed it. Brian couldn't have more right. Jason Cook (Reignwolf) was probably the best act I shot at Rock The Shores this year, and he has certainly become the talk of Victoria since that afternoon.

I was off on some kind of adventure. I think I was fishing with my dad in Mexico when tickets to Reignwolf went on sale. I emailed some folks back home to grab me a ticket, but they had as much luck getting a ticket as someone in a foreign country with spotty hotel wifi. 

The concert announcement displayed in my local record store's window simply said, "Sold Out Forever!" That was that. 

I'd reserved myself to spending one more night with the family instead of going to a concert. That was until I woke up from one of my holiday naps to find an enveloped crammed into my screen door. "Merry Fucking Christmas" read the envelope. Clearly it was from one of my friends. Inside was a note and a concert ticket. Michelle became my new best friend instantly. 

I couldn't have thought of a better way to end 2013 than going to one last rock and roll show. Especially when it came to being able to hang out with some really great friends who were in town for the holidays. 

Here's my good friend David Lacroix's post about the show on Concert Addicts. I highly recommend you check out some of his other reviews on there as well. He's a talented writer when it comes to concert reviews. It's a hard thing to do well, and he's one of the best out there. 

More Reignwolf photos can be found on my flickr.