kathryn calder

Kathryn and Robbie @ Pizza Prima Strada

In my last post I mentioned this little project I've been working on with Adrian Chalifour of Towers & Trees for Music BC's Songwriter Workshop happening on June 14th, 2014 at St. Ann's Academy during this year's VIC Fest. We are pairing up an established artist with an up and comer in the Victoria music scene to talk songwriting while eating great food at VIC Fest food vendors. 

The second session of VIC Fest Profiles happened at Pizza Prima Strada's  Bridge St. location with Kathryn Calder and Robbie Aylesworth. Both wonderfully talented musicians. I've followed Kathryn Calder's career since I first saw Immaculate Machine play the their cd release party for Transporter, and Robbie Aylesworth I'm just starting to get to know. The following night after this interview Robbie played a last minute gig with a full band for the first time here in Victoria. Let's just say it kicked some serious ass. This guy is going somewhere, like The Zone's Band of The Month. 

Oh, and Robbie played another last minute gig at YYJ Rocktographers. That pretty much makes him the best in my books. 

Here's VIC Fest Profile #2 with Kathryn Calder and Robbie Aylesworth at Pizza Prima Strada.

Also more photos on my flickr. 

Otalith Music Festival: Part Two

yukon blonde.jpg

When we finally made it across the street to the festival I met up with Jessie, one of the festival organizers for a run down of the festival and what I could and couldn't shoot. She was super friendly and awesome. It's always good to see festivals being put on by generous people that are just as excited for the whole event as the rest of the crowd. Before she was whisked away a call on her walkie she set me up with my photographer pass, and I pretty much didn't see her the rest of the festival. 

Quickly I jumped into action to shoot a band from my neck of the woods on the Saanich Peninsula, The Archers. I can't get over how much they've grown as a band over the last few years since I first saw them play a free show in Sidney. I'd put some serious money on The Archers being a big contender in next year's Peak Performance Project. Top 5 if not Top 3.

When I finished shooting The Archers I headed back to the Tacofino truck to get myself a veggie burrito. In the time I was gone shooting The Archers I think Ryley had two fish tacos and was eyeing up a third. While we ate our late lunch/dinner we wandered over to the beer garden to watch the rest of The Archers set, and bullshit over a drink. 

Before I knew it I was back in the photo pit with one of the two staff photographers for Otalith getting ready to shoot one of my favourite local bands, Northcote. I think in the last year I've had a chance to see Matt Goud perform three times, and every time is a treat. His smokey voice mixed with working class style lyrics gives off the Bruce Springsteen vibe. Mix in a solid, tight band, a harmonic, and you have Northcote.
Matt is one of the nicest people in the Victoria music scene always smiling, coming over to say hi, and greeting people like they are old friends. It must be the prairie sensibility thing that I hear some transplants seem to have. I highly recommend picking up his latest self titled record, Northcote.

The last two times I've seen Kathryn Calder I've wondered when Luke Kozlowki would jump on stage to play drums for a full on Immaculate Machine reunion. I say this because recently Brooke Gallupe has seems to be a full time member of the band, and I could be more excited. Immaculate Machine was one of the bands that was big in the local scene when I first started going to bars and shows years ago. They've long since been a favourite and something Shayne and I wax nostalgia over. 

After leaving the pit Kathryn Calder played her new song "New Millennium" which really gets me excited for the prospect of a new album on the horizon. Heck, I'd settle for a 7" single these days. Kathryn Calder is a super talent lady and I look forward to new releases from her in the future. 

At this point I'd realized that all the bands I'd seen today were Victoria bands, and would pretty much make up my perfect line-up for a VIC Fest. It says a lot when you are willing to travel to see your favourite local bands and not even realize it. Victoria has some serious talent, I'm glad we are sharing it with the rest of the world. 

When Yukon Blonde came on the festival was ready to party, and I can't blame them. The boys in Yukon Blonde always seem to know how to get the crowd moving. I turned around in the photo pit, and wondered where all these people had come from. I didn't care I was enjoying the band as much as they were. 

I snuck to the side of the crowd to join my friends for the rest of the show before retiring back to the campsite for beers and attempts to dry our tents. Tomorrow was going to be an even more amazing day. 

More photos of the entire Otalith Music Festival are on Flickr.


Kathryn Calder

Kathryn Calder.jpg

 About a week before I got my assignment for Rock The Shores I had already made the decision to bail on City & Colour to shoot an early show at Lucky Bar. 

I'm not ashamed to say I've been a fan of Kathryn Calder since I first saw Immaculate Machine back in 2005. So, it was an obvious decision when Shayne called me one day a month or so ago to tell me Kathryn Calder was playing. Both of us were a little bummed that her Canada Show was happening while we were racing our "boat" in Sidney and this was our chance to see her play this summer. 

I arrived at the bar tired, sunburnt, and full of music from Rock The Shores with a group of ragtag fans who were also feeling the pain of being at a festival since noon. Some worse than others, but that was cured by a "Luck Dog." Unfortunately we missed local soul group, The Chantrelles. Think The Temptations, but better.

The concert was a benefit for Girl Rock Camp. I'm a huge fan of things like this that gets kids out playing music. The world needs give kids, especially girls the opportunity to rock out. I think if my sister had something like this when she was younger she'd have kept shredding on the guitar. 

It was a bit of a bummer that the show wasn't full, but it was a solid turn out all things considered (two music festivals happening at the same time in town). It could have been fuller is all I'm saying. 

Kathryn and her band played a new song that my friend Randy has been raving about. I can see why now. One thing that several of us noticed during the show was how amazing the tone of the drums were. I don't think I've heard drums sound that good. 

I felt super awkward taking photos, because there wasn't a lot of people right up front. I only took a few, but I was happy with 90% of them. 

I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Saturday night than catching this show, and supporting a great cause. 

Speaking of great causes, Kathryn Calder and The Yellow Bird Project just successfully financed their ALS documentary, "A Matter of Time" with Kickstarter. I think you can still give money for the next few days. 

More photos from the show can be found on flickr. 




The other night I was asked to shoot Northcote’s album release concert at Lucky Bar for The Zone @ 91.3, and of course I said yes. 

Kathryn Calder.jpg

It must have been a year or so ago I was at a Victoria House Concert B show watching Acres of Lions when my friend, Michelle asked if I knew that Matt Goud was playing a short set. I was understandably excited, because I thought it was Matt Good. One of my long time favourite Canadian musicians. 

It turned out to be this guy named, Matt Goud. He makes music under the name Northcote, because you know the other name is taken. Transplanted from the prairie wasteland known as Saskatchewan (I know this because I’m from Manitoba), he’d taken up residence in Victoria. 

In April, Northcote was named the Zone’s Band of the Month. After hearing the single “How Can You Turn Around” for the first time on the radio I quickly purchased a digital copy of the song right away. Since then the album has been one the most anticipated local records for me to hear. I picked it up last night, and I’m not disappointed at all. It’s a great rock record. 

It was great to see Lucky Bar packed with people supporting Northcote. The crowd sang along, danced, and soaked in the music. There’s now doubt why there seemed to be a line up at the merch table all night. Something that will help keep gas in the van while Northcote is out on tour. 

The day before the concert there were all sorts of rumours floating around the internet that one of my favourite local musicians, Kathryn Calder would join the band on the stage for a song. We weren’t disappointed when she joined the band for the encore. I’m sure I have a few friends kicking themselves for not catching the show last night.

More photos on my flickr.