Hawk and Steel

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RSD Hawk and Steel.jpg

This whole week has been spent in anticipation of Record Store Day, and I’m pooped. This morning I was up at four in the morning, and out the door just after five. I still wasn’t the first person in line at Ditch Records. 

I picked up a few Record Store Day exclusives I had my eye on, some used records I’ve wanted forever, and even ordered Sub Pop 1000 online. Too much money was spent today, but it has been worth it. Right now I’m laying on the couch listening to Tears for Fears on my Fisher, and writing. Can’t be all that bad, right?

After we got our records we all headed home for naps. Later on we trekked back out to catch the last bit of The Chantrelles set, and to see Hawk and Steel play as part of the Record Store Day celebrations. 

I’ve never heard a record store sound so good. Whoever Ditch had mixing did an amazing job. It was better than most of the shows I’ve been to lately at night clubs and auditoriums. 

Hawk and Steel busted out a new track today, and it’s a rocker. If you get a chance to see them on their upcoming tour do it.

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