Back in early June 2015 I got a phone call from Matt Goud. No not that Matt Good. Matt Goud is the guy behind Northcote. He was looking for some new promo shots for his upcoming record "Hope Is Made Of Steel."

How could I turn down shooting one of my favourite local musicians? I made arrangements to do a shoot with him that night. Shortly after a quick haircut at Victory Barbers and an interview for Musique Atomique (you can read that here).

Now that Matt has been sharing the photographs to promo his record I decided it was time to add them to my portfolio. Check out a bunch of the photos in the new "Promotional" section in the left hand sidebar. 

The photograph at the top is a screenshot from the front page of I've also been seeing the photos on various music blogs. It's a pretty exciting time for me. 

Also thank you to Webmeister Bud for the assist on this shoot.