Bellemare Records Launch Party

Several months ago I was sitting in a pub with some new and old friends discussing the prospect of starting a record label. It was an exciting idea, but shortly after that meeting I had decided that I would focus all my attention on launching and putting together the first YYJ Rocktographers show. 

On August 8th, 2014 those four fine folks I shared beers and conversation with so many months ago had their official launch party as Bellemare Records.

There was a certain magic in the air of Rifflandia HQ as people filed in. Each with some kind of special bond with the members of the record label. Strangers swapped stories over beers in anticipation of the musical performances that evening. 

Vancouver's Luca Fogale won over the crowd straight away with his stunning voice. The room buzzed in anticipation of Luca's solo set, and was far from disappointing. Soon the stage was filled with Bellemare's own Hawk & Steel. A band that has certainly made it's way here in Victoria, and is finally getting some well deserved attention in the local media. 

Closing out the night was Dougal Bain. Another Victoria band that I've heard a lot about, but have never actually seen. They were spectacular and genuinely excited to be part of such a unique event. 

Friday night was not only a celebration of the creation of a local record label, but the hard work and determination of four people trying to build something amazing. At the root of it Bellemare Records represents dedication, the true love of music and those who create it. With people like this at the heart of the Victoria music scene I know this town is heading in the right direction. 

Good luck to my friends Peter, Esme, Brittany, and Sam. I look forward to seeing and hearing more amazing music from you in the future. 

Buy the Snoqualmie / Hawk & Steel split 7" by visiting

More photos of the Bellemare Records launch party are on flickr.