Adrian and Tyler @ Discovery Coffee

This past weekend I wrapped up the last of my shoots for VIC Fest's artist profile series. The series of posts was spearheaded by Adrian Chalifour of Towers & Trees who arranged getting musicians together, setting up with the food vendors, and transcribing the up to an hour conversations. I just took photos. 

Adrian and I met bright and early at the Discovery Coffee in James Bay in hopes to have fresh donuts and coffee while doing the interview with Tyler Bancroft of Said The Whale over Skype. Turns out we got there so early that the donuts weren't ready, but that was okay. We got the freshest donuts possible about ten minutes later. 

All and all this has been one of the funnest projects I've worked on. It's given me a chance to get to know some great local musicians as well as connect more with some of my friends who were part of this series. Plus free pizza, donuts, and bbq isn't all that bad. 

It's my hope that we get to do this again next year with more people and more vendors.

Here's VIC Fest Profile #3 with Adrian Chalifour and Tyler Bancroft at Discovery Coffee. 

As always more photos on my flickr.