Life After Gracepoint

A few weeks ago my friend Michelle gave me a pair of expired disposable cameras for my birthday. Each had roughly eight exposures used on them. She'd bought them at the Gracepoint auction they had at the Fair Grounds shortly after they'd wrapped production of Gracepoint here in Victoria, BC.

When I got the cameras there was a lot of speculation of what would actually be on them. Jokes about David Tennant or Nick Nolte dick pics ran rampant among my friends. I'd expected some kind of boring set shots of interiors that didn't really work. Maybe a crime scene shot. We weren't so lucky. 

Here's some shots from both cameras of the exact same scene. I didn't take them, but I think they are from the shooting of Gracepoint here in Victoria, despite the Vancouver Sun newspaper box outside. Looks like a celebrity or some kind of investigator walking into somewhere and being hounded by a crowd. That's what the scene looks like at least.

If you know anything about the scene, the actors, or what it's from let me know. I'd love more information on these mystery shots. 

I didn't take these photos.