The Cave Singers


'No Witch' has certainly become one of my favourite Sunday morning records. I usually put it on while I make myself a cup of coffee, putter around the house, and catch up on work from the night before. Unsurprisingly before heading off to Zambri's for some breakfast with friends this morning I fired up the record. Sounding as good as it ever has. 

Vancouver based band, Hunting kicked off the early show at Victoria's Sugar Nightclub to lacklustre enthusiasm from a crowd too busy worrying about getting their next beer than checking out something new. Hunting was tight. The band worked as a unit more than a group of individuals and it showed that they were a well oiled machine. Ending off their set with a blue grass inspired jam it set the tone well for The Cave Singers. 

Seattle's The Cave Singers returned to the island for the first time since their performance at the Otalith Music Festival in Ucluelet last summer to a packed Sugar Nightclub. Victorian's were ready for a solid rock and roll show and weren't disappointed. 

Despite an apparent three hour sound check, lead-singer Pete Quirk's vocals were lost to the dull roar of the crowd. While the bass, drums, and guitar overpowered what little we could hear of Pete singing. I eventually had to take out my earplugs just to make sure that his microphone was in fact on. 

This was the first time in the six or seven times that I've seen the Seattle band play that this was an issue, but it could have easily been the crowd. The more I go to Victoria concerts the more I notice that the crowd is more interested in talking than actually enjoying and absorbing the amazing music that's being performed right in front of them. 

Beyond technical difficulties Pete Quirk's unique voice and elaborate dance moves shone through eventually. It was almost like as if he was channelling a young Gord Downie or Buck 65. His almost choreographed moves paired well with his lyrics and performance of the rest of the band. 

I'm already anxious to see The Cave Singers return to Victoria for another show. Maybe we will see them this summer during festival season at the likes of a Rifflandia headlining a night venue or side stage. 

More photos of Hunting and The Cave Singers on my flickr.