It feels like I've been trapped in my place for a month, but unfortunately it's only been three days. I was recently struck down with a bit of an illness that seems to be retreating now. I can honestly tell you I don't deal with being sick well. I get unbelievably restless but can't muster the strength and energy do anything around the house. 

Before getting sick last was pretty awesome part of it was getting almost 100,000 hits on my flickr in just a couple days. That's more hits than my Green River photos. It's been a quite exciting ride. 

Gracepoint is a an American remake of a British television series called, Broadchurch. They are are currently shooting in and around the Victoria area using it as the setting of the fictional northern California town. Some of the filming has been here in Sidney, and on a couple occasions I snuck down on my lunch break to have coffee with a friend from out of town and maybe get a chance to see David Tennant. 

I lucked out both times I was down there to see The Doctor shoot a scene or two. All those crazy Whovian fans have certainly made my photos popular. 

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