Don't Take My Picture

It's not very often I like a photograph of myself. 

It has nothing to do with how I feel about my body image. Well, not that much. It has more to do with the anxieties I have in front of the camera, and my views on photography as a photographer. 

Recently, my best friend got married. While we (the wedding party) were running around the city getting our photos taken I constantly found myself thinking "I would have done that differently." The photographer who shot the wedding was a very talented and established wedding photographer, and clearly knew what she was doing. I on the other hand don't. I've shot a total of three weddings and hated every single one. 

To me her posed photos of the bride and groom seemed boxy, uninspired, and lacking flair. I haven't seen how these photographs turned out, but I'm sure they were fine. This was just me projecting my views on photography onto this wedding photographer.

When I'm posed in front of a camera and given direction on how to look it's a hard thing for me. I'm generally factoring in so many other things that are happening behind the camera that I'm not in control of I fail to get the pose right. 

This however has started to change over the last year as I've had my photo taken by professionals I know and trust. For example Kim Jay's shot of me during Rifflandia for her portrait project, We Are Revellers. I love that photo. 

Recently, Giles Clement was in town doing his tintype photography at Victory Barbers for their Movember kick-off party. I was so intrigued by the portraits that were coming out of the staff that I signed up for one myself. Tintype photography is quite interesting and makes everyone look like some kind of former frontiersman. 

Giles direction of my portrait was so well executed that I didn't even think about what was going on behind the lens. Only when the flash knocked the wind out of me. It was nice to let someone else take control of the photography side, because i'd have no idea what to do with his older equipment and developing supplies. 

According to some people I look like an old timey prospector. Some say I look like an old timey serial killer. Either way this is my favourite photograph of me in a long long time.