Kim Churchill Pop Up Show

There is something great starting to happening in this city and I think it's about time. 

I'm of course talking about the Pop Up concerts that have been happening at the Rifflandia Store in the Victoria Public Market. Atomique Productions kicked the first show out of the park with Buck 65 and chocolate chip cookies. How could they do it any better than that?

The mouth watering smell of barbecued ribs wafted through the air of the public market from Roast and the community kitchen. This was a new feeling for me as I've been a vegetarian, and this was the first time I contemplated falling off the wagon in about eight years. I settled on grabbing a handpie from the Victoria Pie Co. and grabbed a spot at the Rifflandia Store for Kim Churchill's interview and performance. 

I've had a chance to chat with Kim Churchill a few times over the last six months, and he's just as nice as you'd think. Thoughtful, charismatic, and slightly bashful. We chatted west coast life, photography, and his touring schedule before he sat down with Pol Plastino form The Zone @ 91.3 for a live interview.

Shortly after his interview Kim Churchill played a few songs from his new record to an excited crowd of about one hundred people. Kim is a one man band. Playing a kick drum with one foot and a tambourine with his other. Both feet bare. The true sign of the surfer. 

I think all in all Kim Churchill put on a great show, and left the crowd wanting more. Mainly to hear his huge single "Window To The Sky" off his latest record, Silence/Win.

I filed out with the rest of the crowd shortly after his set to find coffee with my friends over at Bellemare Records

I don't know who will be playing the next pop up show at the Rifflandia Store, but I can tell you that there will be another one happening soon. These events are certainly needed in this city and I'd love to see more of them in the future. As concert goers we need to make sure we go to these sorts of things to make sure they keep happening. It doesn't hurt that they are free either. 

More photos of Kim Churchill on flickr.