Buck 65 Pop Up Show

At the beginning of November I was talking with Nick Blasko from Atomique Productions and he mentioned that they were going to start doing pop up shows at their Rifflandia Store in the Victoria Public Market. I couldn't have been more excited.  Less than a week later Atomique announced their first pop up show, Buck 65.

Buck 65's store appearance coincided with his two sold out shows at Lucky Bar on November 6th and 7th, 2014. His show at the the Rifflandia Store was much shorter, but certainly more memorable. It might go down as one of my favourite shows of 2014, and it was only five songs. 

Over a hundred people squished into the little store front and spread out into the walkway in front of the surrounding stores. Buck 65 and Tiger Rosa hid "backstage" in the stock room until they were ready to go on while the Atomique crew passed out fresh baked cookies form the community kitchen. The cookies were guaranteed to have at least 65 chocolate chips. 

If you haven't heard the lead single "Super Pretty Naughty" off Buck 65's latest record Neverlove I highly recommend you do that. Watching him change the chorus to something a little less super pretty naughty because there were kids was great. He still kept the dick lasers though. 

I can't wait for more pop up shows at the Rifflandia Store over the next few months. I can't think if a better way to kick off these free concerts than with Buck 65. 

More photos from Buck 65's performance can be found here.