Best Man Speech

Taken with Manual on Iphone5

Taken with Manual on Iphone5

This weekend was probably one of the most important weekends in my personal life in a long long time. My best friend Darryl got married to his long time girlfriend, Caity. 

This is a slight divergence from the usual concert review, photos, and music posts I usually make on here. I just wanted to share an adapted version of my Best Man speech. I'll keep my pants on for this one. 

Darryl and I met fourteen years ago at a high school dance, and it has been a fairytale ever since. Our eyes locked from across the dance floor while Darude's "Sandstorm" played, and in that moment we knew that neither of us belonged at that dance. 

Over the years Darryl and I have had many failed projects together, and even more adventures. We have gone to at least three Sasquatch Music Festivals together. We drove across the Nevada desert to California, up to MaxFunCon, and eventually made our way to San Francisco. Not to mention the countless trips up island, to Saltspring, Vancouver, and Seattle. Most of those adventures included a few too many drinks, but that's what friendship is about sometimes. 

There is one adventure that stands out in particular though. 

About eight years ago we headed over to Vancouver to see a friend's band play a shitty bar in a shitty neighbourhood. He'd made plans for us to hang out with this girl, Caity he'd worked with that summer at Dan's Market. For some reason he really wanted me to meet her. He even cleaned out all the garbage from his Delta 88. He'd never done that before. Especially not for me. This girl must have been really special if he was cleaning his car.
At some point during our day of the three of us all hanging out I snapped a photo of the two of them sitting on a bench on some beach in Vancouver. Looking back at that photo you can tell he was in love with her. Right then and there. They weren't even dating yet, and it would be another week before Caity would ask him out over text message. 

I've taken a lot of photos of Darryl over the last fourteen years, but the only ones he is smiling in are the ones when he is with Caity. I'd like to think that's because Caitlyn brings out the best in Darryl. I also think he brings out the best in her as well. 

I look forward to more adventures with the both of them in the future.