YYJ Rocktographers


I've had just under a week to come to terms with how the YYJ Rocktographers event went. Personally I'm still a little awe struck by the turn out and response from everyone who came out on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. 

Having 300 people walk through the door on Friday night was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I know established bands in this town that don't even get a third of that at their concerts sometimes. When there were already people heading to the show before we had the pictures hung I knew we were in for a good night. Even if that meant not eating my phad thai until the next morning. 

On Friday night there wasn't a single moment when the studio was empty. There was constantly 40+ people in there milling about, talking, drinking, and having a good time. Saturday was also pretty busy, but quiet enough to give people more of an opportunity to really check out the photos. Overall I think the event probably had close to 500ish people through the door. 

Were there things I'd change about the event? Of course, but they are small and trivial in the grand scheme of things. What I'd most certainly like to change is the amount of stress I had in the week leading up to the event. Somehow that last week not the months of planning beforehand got to me. Certainly next time things will be more automated. 

What's in the future for YYJ Rocktographers? Well, that's a good question. I'm already starting to toy with the idea of "what's next" for us. Without a doubt another show is on the horizon. It's just a matter or when. Do we keep the event annual? Do we make it semi-annual? Do we start doing installations elsewhere too? There are lots of questions popping up right now, but I think that's part of a successful event. 

Personally I'm still floored by the good folks in this town for coming out. It was mind blowing seeing people coming through that door for two days straight. Old friends, new friends, bands, promoters, other photographers, and everyone else. We have a crazy supportive community here in Victoria, and it's certainly worth not taking for granted.

I can't thank everyone enough. Espeicially Al, Teresa, Hawk & Steel, Carlines, the photographers, and everyone else who helped out over the last few months 
The future has big things in store for YYJ Rocktographers and I can't wait. 
Check out some of the photos on our Facebook Event Page.