Washed Out

washed out.jpg

I've never felt as old as I did at Monday night 's Washed Out concert at Club 9one9 here in Victoria, BC. 

As the three of us crowded the front to take some pictures and enjoy the show I realized I was the oldest person on the floor by at least eight years. The sea of first year university students around us made sure to make the impression we certainly weren't "cool." One such group of hipster kids were too drunk to keep their eyes open, but insisted on doing another round of shots. This led to the tallest member of the group leaning over the stage during the second song of Washed Out's set looking like he was going to vomit. I readied my camera in hopes of this guy would puke on the stage, Washed Out's shoes, and all the power bars that powered the equipment. Alas, that never happened much to my dismay. If these kids were going to be a little assholes I was going to capture them at their absolute worst. 

It wasn't until we retired to the back of the crowd with the rest of the old people I truly felt comfortable. I could finally enjoy myself and not worry about taking photos or asshole kids. 

For the most part the crowd seemed to be really into the show, but only seemed to clued into who the band was part way into "Feel It All Around." You know, the mega popular song from Portlandia. 

On the topic of taking photos this was the first time in a long time that I wasn't happy with how any of my photos turned out. I was almost not going to post anything. It's a rare thing for me to not like at least one of my photos. I'm not sure if it was that I was having an off day but more about where I was in the crowd (no photo pit). I couldn't move around a lot. The lighting wasn't great, but I've shot in a lot worse. There might have been a lot of contributing factors, but I think the drunk kids around me really put a damper on my attitude. 

Usually I'm quite happy when I'm shooting. I know I don't look it, but even when I looked pissed I'm having the best time in my life. This time I was just not into it. My personal attitude whether shooting or working on other things has a huge influence on the outcome of my work. 

I the biggest surprise of the night was the opening act Haerts. They played a solid forty-five minute set that was a reminiscent of the synth heavy spacial pop music like Washed Out and M83. I really liked their set. They were too good of an opener for Washed Out, because the seemed to steal the spotlight a little. They've certainly been a topic of discussion amongst my friends who were at the show since that night. I was slightly disappointed that they only had a 7" single there. I was hoping for a full LP, but I'm sure they are working on it. 

Washed Out will continue being one of my favourite contemporary bands for the time being. It's good music, and it's where my musical taste has evolved to. It's just next time they stop by maybe I'll hang out at the back of the crowd with the rest of the old people.