Rifflandia: Ilford Disposable


This year I decided to do something a little different while shooting the festival. For the last few years I've used various Instax cameras and Lomo cameras. Mostly my Lomo Fisheye.

During my research for disposable cameras for Point | Shoot | Ship  one of the participants (Steve Calder) told me about Ilford putting out a line of disposable cameras using their legendary black & white film. I never picked one up for the first two cameras of PSS but I did grab one for Rifflandia. 

When I was first learning photography in school I was more into film (like video) than actual photography. I learned on these old beat up hodgepodge cameras that lived in a cupboard in the art department. Each camera had some form of frankenlens or a 50mm that barely focused and had lens scratches. We had no idea what we were doing back then, but we had fun. 

It was the dark room where I really fell in love with photography. The fun we had running around forests, the city streets, trampolines, and in the backseats of cars turned into something real. Not a digital file but something concrete and tangible. This is where you could really play with something you created. 

The one thing I remember was the boxes of Ilford 100 lying around everywhere. In fact I used an old expired roll I'd kept from school a few months ago. Nothing to write home about, but it made me remember the good old days.

I took about 28 photos over the four days of the festival and I'm thrilled with how they turned out for the most part. The shots of Matty from Victory Barbers, AroarA, Chali 2na, and Amy Millan are some of my favourites. 

I'm going to be digging out my old film cameras to play with this fall.