Rifflandia Music Festival

hot hot heat.jpg

It's been about two weeks since the kick off of Rifflandia, and I'm finally starting adjust to normal life again. Which is good timing as I'm heading on vacation for a week in not so sunny Mexico. 

To be honest this wasn't my favourite Rifflandia, but it was a good one. I got to shoot lots, a SD card fail, slept on Shayne's couch, snuck into VIP, and got to hang out with a million friends I don't see enough of. 

I'm not going to write a review of the festival like I'd normally do. Rifflandia is just too big and encompassing for me to squeeze into a few posts. Instead I'm going to put up a couple reviews of artists I really enjoyed and pepper the blog with some photos. 

I was yet again on the Official Rifflandia Photographer team with more talented people than you can shake a stick at. You can see some of my photos here, here, here, and here

I was also second and primary shooter for my friends over at The Zone for a couple days on the weekend. Bud had to mysteriously disappear and I called up to the big leagues. You can see my photos on their Facebook here and here

Check out ALL of my Rifflandia photos on Flickr.