Otalith Music Festival: Part Three


As I was pouring myself a cup of cold brew before the others crawled out of their tent a friend of mine from high school wandered by. He was apparently staying a couple campsites over, and wondered if we had seen the wolf walk by the night before. I was a little shocked to hear that a wolf had walked within feet of my tent while I was asleep. I was more than a little disappointed that I hadn't been awake to try and get some photos of it. 

When the others woke up we headed on a mission to Tofino for breakfast and memory cards. I'd forgotten two of my high-speed cards at home, and wasn't about to shoot a whole day on slow cards. It proved to be a bit of an ordeal to find some, but after breakfast I found some overpriced memory cards in a drug store. 

We headed back to Ucluelet in hopes of not missing too much of the festival, but decided to stop at Incinerator Rock on Long Beach for a while. It was beautiful. The sun had fought it's way through the clouds to heat up the ground creating a fine mist and fog that drifted over the beach. I looked west towards Japan and we were off to the festival. 

It wasn't too long ago a friend introduced me to Matt Lockhart. I knew his band Treelines, but they had since broken up. Matt had started a new band that he described as "dad rock." Freedom Pony, is more of a mix of indie rock and and dad rock. The band is fun to watch with the addition of catchy hooks and guitar riffs. They'll certainly be on my must see list for Rifflandia this year, and highly recommended to my friends at VIC Fest next year. 

Before I knew it Vancouver based band, Portage & Main had taken the stage. With a name based on an intersection in Winnipeg and at least one big beard I had to like these guys. They were solid. They reminded me a lot of my friends in Hawk & Steel (not an intersection anywhere). I stuck around in the crowd after my three songs to catch the rest of their set and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I might have eaten another burrito by this point, but I'm not sure. 

I caught a couple songs from one of the most talked about bands of the entire festival, The River & The Road. A Victorian and a travelling Australian that met in Vancouver only to form a band. They were good, but not exactly in my taste in music. From what I heard they were tight and very good musicians, but I'm over the banjo in modern indie rock these days. Loved it for a while, but burned out. Again, The River & The Road were good, but just not for me. 

I snuck back to the campground during the latter half of The River & The Road's set to get changed into some shorts. The sun had come out, and I was starting to get a little too warm in my jeans and rain jacket. 

By the time I got back to the festival grounds Brasstronaut was just getting onto stage. I know they are one of Michelle's favourite bands I think was a major part of her coming up to the festival. I've seen and shot Brasstronaut a handful of times over the years, and somehow I always end up taking the same picture of the leadsinger, Edo VanBreeman. From the left side. It seems like he always positions his keyboard that way so it is somewhat limiting getting a shot of him without a mic in his face. Plus the band has a wicked Space Clarinet. It's gold. 

More photos from the Otalith Music Festival on my flickr.