VIC Fest: Day Two

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One of the amazing things about VIC Fest is that they find all these unique and interesting Island bands that I've never heard of or seen before. Which is quite a feat since I go to a lot of local shows. Somehow I always leave VIC Fest with some new favourite local bands. 

What can I say about the second day of VIC Fest? First off one of my favourite local female singer/songwriters, Steph MacPherson performed an amazing set on the side stage. She was wonderful as usual and her band was super tight. I'm a little bummed I missed the Music BC songwriters workshop with her, Ryan Guldemond from Mother Mother, and a few others. Although the Homer Donut I enjoyed while that was happening. It was probably the best donut I've ever had. 

When a band is genuinely having fun while playing it is a treat. It means you get the best photos of the day. Their attitude shows right through in every picture.

Towers and Trees probably put on the best show of the entire festival. Why? They were smiling, having fun, laughing, and playing off each other. It seems to be a rare thing these days. Bands seem to take themselves too seriously and lack stage presence. These guys have it in spades. What a blast. Plus they are all super nice people and came up and introduced themselves to me before the show. Oh, and posted my photos all over their facebook. 

Anami Vice was another stand out of the festival, but for different reasons. A few days after VIC Fest I posted a picture of Anami Vice on my tumblr within an hour it became my most reblogged photo ever. Pretty crazy. He's a great hip-hop artist that I've had the pleasure of shooting twice at two seperate VIC Fests.

Literally, fresh off the boat, The Archers performed their entire set wearing capes. This was their first home gig since getting home from their first Canadian tour. It really shows when a band performs right after being on tour. They seem to be louder, more in tune with each other, and willing to experiment a little bit more. Towers and Trees joined them at the end of their set for their song, "The Sun Will Rise."

Wil, Langdon Auger, and Jon & Roy put on amazing shows respectively. All in all VIC Fest was an amazing way to start off the summer, and the festival season. 

Great food, great beer, and great music. What else do you need?

More photos of Towers and Trees, Steph MacPherson, The Archers, Wil, Jon & Roy, Anami Vice, and more are as always on my flickr.