VIC Fest: Day One

roper show
Vince Vaccaro

My last few weeks have been filled with photo editing, packing up orders, water fights with my 3 year old nephew, boat designing, and a boat race. On top of that working full time. Unfortunately my booming social life has prevented me from doing an update on the site after VIC Fest. Well, that's half true. I wrote one, but forgot to save it. 

A few years ago, Dylan Willows asked me to come down and shoot this little music festival he was putting on. It was at St. Ann's Academy a place I'd walked by a million times, but never stopped to wander the grounds. He told me it was all local artists, food, beer, wine, and art. How could I turn that down? 

Since the first festival in 2011 I've shot all of the all three of the annual festivals as well as their launch parties. There is certainly a vibe to the festival that just feels like Vancouver Island. I can guarantee that's what Dylan and his partners were going for. 

This year VIC Fest took place over two days. The first was an evening show filled with beer samples, good food, and was headlined by Vince Vaccaro, a staple of the Victoria music scene. Throughout the evening loads of great acts performed including The Roper Show who played some awesome blues rock, and The Grass Tracks who opened the day off with some solid indie rock. 

The night ended with an almost full moon shining down over the beer garden as folks filed out into the beautiful summer solstice night. 

More photos of The Grass Tracks, June Fiasco, Roper Show, The Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer, and Vince Vaccaro can be found on my flickr.