Rock The Shores: Part Five

mother mother.jpg

 In the last four years I've seen Mother Mother play small acoustic free shows, nightclubs, theatres, and eventually headline the Rifflandia Music Festival last year. They certainly seem like a band on the rise with a bright future. 

There's no escaping their catch pop rock tunes here in Victoria. Whether it's on the radio, in the shopping mall, a DJ set at the club, or your dentists office they pretty much dominate this market on this little rock. Victoria loves Mother Mother and it seems like Mother Mother loves the capital city right back. They seem to be back every four months or so to a sold out show every time. I'm confident they could sell out a theatre in Victoria several days in a row. 

Recently Mother Mother lead singer, Ryan Guldemond did a writers workshop with Music BC at VIC Fest that I heard was really informative for those who participated. I'm still regretting not popping my head in for that, but I was enjoying Towers & Trees set. 

Last year I only saw Sam Roberts perform one song during the inaugural Rock The Shores. Having spent the better part of three hours in a line of some form or another we finally got ready to enjoy some music. Unfortunately mother nature had different plan. With a freak lightning storm that put the whole festival on halt. 

They brought Sam Roberts back to make up for his short set. His first time back in Victoria since the first Rock the Shores. I don't know what it is but Sam and his band have some kind of magnetism that really draw a crowd in. I've never been a huge fan, but I do enjoy hearing "Brother Down" on the radio. There was something about his set. I couldn't not watch it. 

I was glad to finally see him after last year's incident. Even if it took a year of waiting in line. Oh, I made this little joke post on my tumblr "The Faces of Sam Roberts."

More photos of Mother Mother and Sam Roberts as always are on my flickr.