Rock The Shores: Part Two


Living in Canada it's kind of hard to escape CanCon. Especially when you spend most of your formative years listening to the local rock stations.

54-40 was one of those bands that you'd hear on the radio and catch yourself singing along already having the lyrics memorized. In a lot of my social circles they are referred to as a "dad band," but my dad never really listened to them. We were more of a Pink Floyd, Rush, and AC/DC household.

A few years ago Shayne, Darryl, and I got box seats at the MacPherson in town. It was an amazing night filled with "I didn't know they did this song" moments.

Their performance at Rock The Shores didn't disappoint. From when I was in the pit shooting to when I left the band put out the kind of energy a well oiled machine puts out. These are talented guys who know how to work together to put on an amazing performance. There is no question why these guys have had staying power over two decades.

Up until sometime last year no one in Canada knew who The Sheepdogs were. Well, except in the Prairies. That was until they were the first "independent" band to grace the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. A pretty tall feat for a bunch of boys from Saskatoon.

Honestly, I kind of dug their sound when they were more of the jammy Allman Brothers style rock. Now I find them to be a little too much like The Black Keys and that probably has to with one of the guys from The Black Keys producing the record. 

The Sheepdogs played a tight set. It was certainly good listening from where I was in the beer garden. They were solid, and if you like The Sheepdogs I'd highly recommend you check them out. 

Photos of both The Sheepdogs and 54-40 can be found on my flickr.