Rock The Shores: Part Three

matthew good.jpg

Starting fifteen minutes late on a day when every band was early was Matthew Good. I'm fairly critical of Matt's performances having seen him play at least twenty shows if not more. I own all his albums some on various formats. It's safe to say Matt Good has been one of my favourite musicians out there since I was a teenager.

Matt's set was filled with odd choices for both a festival and the time constrained. It leaned heavily on the singles from his record Beautiful Midnight. While I think "Shallow's Low" is a great live song, I don't think it translates well to a music festival. First off it's a song that most people don't know from his last album, and secondly I think it goes on far too long to keeps anyones attention. The thundering drums towards the end of the song aren't enough of a pay off to justify it. 

His new song is a little rap-singy which doesn't lend well to his voice. Admittedly it's a little catchier now that I've heard it a few times I don't think it's single worthy. 

Towards the end of his set the crowd was yelling for him to play "Weapon," arguably his biggest singles since dropping the band from Matthew Good Band. This is the song he usually ends his sets with, and it really gets the crowd going. He denied the crowd the song they'd been desiring for the roughly half hour he was playing saying "they are telling me this the last song, so go home and listen to the cd really loud." 

Matt closed with "Apparitions" a song he once said he couldn't not play at any of his shows otherwise the fans would be mad. It's a sad ballad that seemed to blend right into City and Colour's headlining set. 

Post Rock The Shores, Matt Good blasted the festival on his facebook page. Calling the crews and organizers unprofessional, complaining about the backstage area, bathrooms, sound equipment, and various other things. It really struck me as Matt Good being "unprofessional." There is a time and a place for complaints like that. Talk to the promoters, management, and the organizers privately. Not on Facebook.  

I have to say Matt got what he wanted. He was the most talked about person of the festival, but not based on the solid performance he and his very talented band put on. It was because of his little online hissy fit. It's a shame it happened. It's a shame he wasn't happy with the situation, but because of the outburst I can see him not playing this town for a very long time. 

Check out more of my Matt Good photos in the Rock The Shores set on my flickr. They are some of my favourite shots from the festival. It helps when you shoot a musician you love.