Rock The Shores: Part One

jimmy eat world.jpg

 Last weekend I had the privilege of being on the Rock the Shores photo team. It's a good group of photographers. Most of us shoot Rifflandia together. I shot as much as I could over the weekend. Shooting the Katchafire show for Sugar, Rock the Shores, and the Kathryn Calder show. Over the next few days I'm going to be rolling out lots of post about Rock the Shores and hopefully leading to a full gallery at the end of the week. 

Sometimes you forget your friends are rock stars. This always seems to be the case whenever I see Acres of Lions perform. I'll be backstage joking around with the guys, hanging with them at a pizza place, or having a beer with them. They are just normal dudes, but when they hit the stage they are freaking rock stars. 

It's awesome seeing the guys gaining the success they deserve these days. They are amazing kind, determined, and fun guys. I've often say they are the hardest working rock band in Canada.  

Also, I'm going to be in a future episode of Dan's web show "Beard Talk with Dan." We talked about giving up, and growing a beard.

If you told me as a teenager I'd be shooting Jimmy Eat World I'd have shit my pants. I really loved their record "Bleed American" when it came out. It was in that perfect couple years of high school before I moved into my punk/metal phase. I still listen to the stuff from back then quite a bit. I'd like to think it influenced my taste in music a little bit. 

They opened with their new single "I will steal you back," but it was their second song that got me. "Bleed American" man do I still love that song. It's always a great feeling to be in the pit and seeing a bunch of the photographers singing along to the band. It's that common ground thing. It's why we do what we do. 

Before the show Jimmy Eat World's bassist, Rick was complaining that he didn't have sunglasses. So I gave him a pair of my sunglasses. Unfortunately he didn't wear them onstage. Sad face.

More photos of both Jimmy Eat World and Acres of Lions can be found on my flickr in the Rock the Shores set.