Tiny Telephone

tiny telephone2.jpg

This morning was sign-ups for MaxFunCon 2013 classes. I’m super excited to blow this fascist popsicle stand and hit up California for a few days. I’ve been looking forward to MFC for months, and even more so since the class schedules were posted last week.

I’ll be taking History Lessons With Booze with Rico Galgliano. Basically you learn interesting moments in history and make cocktails based around the event. I’m excited for some afternoon drinking. It was going to be this or taking Ben Harrison’s Handcrafted Bitters class again.

The class I’m most interested in though is John Vanderslice’s Monetizing Your Creative Skills So you Can Spend More Time Being Creative class. The name says it all. It’s exactly what I’ve been trying to figure out for the better part of the last couple years. Hopefully learning John’s Dual Income Stream Technology™ will help make my dreams possible.

Last year after going to MaxFunCon, Darryl and I headed to San Francisco for a few days. I got to catch the Arkells and Destroyer play at the Fillmore, eat Mission burritos, sleep on a double-decker tourist bus, check out some famous bridge and park. The biggest take away from the trip for me was heading to John Vanderslice’s recording studio for a tour with the man himself. 

John is a super welcoming and friendly guy. He greeted with big hugs, stories, and the warmth of seeing an old friend. If you are ever in San Francisco I highly recommend you arrange taking a tour of his studio Tiny Telephone.