The other night I was asked to shoot Northcote’s album release concert at Lucky Bar for The Zone @ 91.3, and of course I said yes. 

Kathryn Calder.jpg

It must have been a year or so ago I was at a Victoria House Concert B show watching Acres of Lions when my friend, Michelle asked if I knew that Matt Goud was playing a short set. I was understandably excited, because I thought it was Matt Good. One of my long time favourite Canadian musicians. 

It turned out to be this guy named, Matt Goud. He makes music under the name Northcote, because you know the other name is taken. Transplanted from the prairie wasteland known as Saskatchewan (I know this because I’m from Manitoba), he’d taken up residence in Victoria. 

In April, Northcote was named the Zone’s Band of the Month. After hearing the single “How Can You Turn Around” for the first time on the radio I quickly purchased a digital copy of the song right away. Since then the album has been one the most anticipated local records for me to hear. I picked it up last night, and I’m not disappointed at all. It’s a great rock record. 

It was great to see Lucky Bar packed with people supporting Northcote. The crowd sang along, danced, and soaked in the music. There’s now doubt why there seemed to be a line up at the merch table all night. Something that will help keep gas in the van while Northcote is out on tour. 

The day before the concert there were all sorts of rumours floating around the internet that one of my favourite local musicians, Kathryn Calder would join the band on the stage for a song. We weren’t disappointed when she joined the band for the encore. I’m sure I have a few friends kicking themselves for not catching the show last night.

More photos on my flickr.