Zerbin was the closing act of Quadra Village Night in The Q and The Zone’s front parking lot last night. 

For the better part of the last year I’ve wanted to see Zerbin, but for some reason or another I just haven’t been able to make it work. So, I was understandably a little excited to finally see them play. 

Quadra Village Night was certainly a family event, because Jason Zerbin spent most of his time bantering with the group of children that had gathered in front of the stage. If he wasn’t showing them the dance moves to one of his songs they were talking about ukuleles, strings breaking, and spanking. Yes, spanking. Odd one for a family event, but a kid in the crowd brought it up. 

Jason Zerbin’s music has appeared in television commercials around the world and here at home. It’s easy to see why Zerbin is so popular. I’ve had “New Earth” stuck in my head for the better part of a day. 

It was good to see the rain hold off until the show was done and everyone was packing up to head home. I can honestly say I’m now a fan of Zerbin and will be heading to more of their shows in the future. 

More photos of Zerbin can be found on my flickr.