Georgia Murray


Yesterday evening my friends over at The Q and The Zone presented Quadra Village Night in their front parking lot. Quadra Village Night was an off shoot of Quadra Village Day an event put together by all the local businesses featuring food, music, and lots of things for the kids to do. It genuinely seems like a great way to pull the community together in that small couple blocks. 

The first performance of the evening was from Georgia Murray. I wasn’t too sure what to expect as I haven’t heard much of her stuff, but have lots of friends who really like her. Her set was had a couple covers that I didn’t realize were covers until after they were done. She really has really made “Eyes of a Stranger” by The Payolas her own. She also made an entire song just by sampling her own voice. Which is just amazing and can be found on JB’s blog, Morning After Show

Jeremy Baker had mentioned to me that the day before when Georgia Murray played her music live in the control room that she performed with just as much energy as she was in front of this crowd. It didn’t matter if she was performing in front of three people or 200, Georgia gave it her all. 

I have to admire that. It’s really impressive. I’ve seen bands play sold out arenas and barely have any sort of personality. 

You can see more photos of Georgia Murray on flickr.