Unlike most Friday nights I started mine off by doing my civic duty and voting in the 2013 BC provincial election. Hooray for early voting. 

Afterwards I headed downtown to catch my friend Colin Mctaggart’s band Kermode. I’ve known Colin for years, I think we met at an Italian Edition show once, and we were both wearing black velvet blazers. I also so his old band Mujeres play a few shows back in the day. 

Colin is one of those amazing people in the Victoria music scene that seems to be friends with everyone from the bands, promoters, crews, and everyone in the crowd. He’s also one of the nicest guys out there. I’m sure that helps. 

Last night had a “Lost in Translation” vibe. Not the show, but all the music leading up to the show. In my car, the burger place, and the music they were playing before the show. 

Between sets I met the Al Smith the owner of the photography studio the show was happening. We talked vanishing points and about an upcoming exhibition of his work.  He’s an amazing photographer and puts together Vic42. I highly recommend checking out his stuff. 

Kermode played an awesome but short set. It included a cover of the Talking Head’s song “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” a favourite of mine, and I’m assuming everyone else in the crowd last night as well. I’m sure I heard a few people singing along with Colin. 

Remember Kermode (pronounced Ker-Mode-Ee) is part of your heritage.

More photos on flickr.