Hawk and Steel


Last night I finally got the chance to catch local indies, Hawk and Steel. 

Peter (lead-singer) and I go back a long time, but I hadn’t made it to see his latest band yet. Boy, I should have gotten on this earlier. I really enjoyed the heck out of that show. In fact I ended up listening to their record “Danger Road” while editing today. 

This was my first time seeing a show at Solstice Cafe. I dug the vibe, but like at most shows I was bothered by the wafts of pot smoke and B.O. coming in from multiple people in the crowd. What can I say? I’m sensitive. It’s the brick walls, exposed metal beams, and local art hanging on the wall. It’d be a great place to shoot a video. 

I did feel slightly awkward there last night though. I always feel awkward at shows like this where people are sitting and I’m trying to not be in their way while taking photos. I feel like I’m in the way so I rush. Hence why I didn’t post many, and I felt the quality was lacking. Next time.

Fun Fact: Hawk and Steel named their touring vehicle “Merlin Van.” I tweeted about it and this happened. I always get a little starstruck when it comes to Merlin. 

As always there are more photos on flickr.