Starting Fresh.

It’s hard to put down the feelings I’ve been having about my online portfolio lately. I was maybe a week away from relaunch 90% of the content was up, but it just didn’t feel right. 

The website felt unorganized, lacking in something, but mainly it felt directionless. Maybe that’s a metaphor. Who knows? 

I’ve been mulling over the decision for a while now, and with some long conversations with people I trust I came to a conclusion. I had to cut the baby into two like King Solomon. 

By having the two separate portfolios I feel like it will give me the ability to focus more on the content and photographs I’m producing. Instead of worrying where I’m going to put it and how it will fit in with my overall brand (I hate that word). I also believe it will help when sending people to look at my work. It will be more focused, and less of a cluttered, disorganized mess. 

Tyson Elder Rocktography or ( will focus mainly on my first love, Concert photography. It is where a bulk of my work will land, and gives me a vehicle to talk about the music I love. 

My Rocktography portfolio will run in tandem with Tyson Elder Photography. My other portfolio that lets me focus on the other types of photography that interest me outside of concert photography. Tyson Elder Photography will launch later in the summer, but is in the works. 

I’ve also decided as of May 1st, 2013 I will be shutting down my long time blog I haven’t been using it much in the last year. I will save it to an archive, but that will only be accessed upon request.

That’s it. That’s me starting fresh with something. I’m looking to the future of Tyson Elder Industries, and there are big things coming down the pipeline. 

Stay tuned for more posts about the website, concerts, and music.