Meeting Heroes


They say not to meet your heroes, but don't listen to them. Chances are whoever said that just needed better heroes. 

Without a doubt my path in life has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people I respect and admire. It's one of the things that makes me love what I do and the people I do those things with. While most see the idea of meeting a rock star as a life altering moment I see it as a way to connect with another human being. One who has harnessed their artistic abilities into something beautiful. It doesn't matter what they create whether it's a song, a painting, a sculptor, or a photograph you are experiencing their purest form. 

Earlier today I was talking to a friend who has had similar fortunes in his life. Now he is build a quite successful business for himself doing the things he loves with people he respects and admires. It's something special and it seems to be a rare thing. 

What can I tell you about the photograph of Brendan Canning I posted today? Well, the joke answer is that he's "gots 2 chill." This photo came from a brief conversation with him at the merch table after his show in Victoria in late November. We talked beards, going grey, and he correctly guessed my age. After a few minutes of bullshitting I asked if I could snap a few pictures of him with my Ilford disposable camera and he obliged with this pose. It's great and reminds me of the Hanson brothers from 'Slap Shot'.' 

This marks the second of Broken Social Scene side project photo I've taken with an Ilford disposable. Will there be more? I hope so.  

I've always had a great respect for Brendan Canning and it was exciting to have a chance to meet him. He made one of my favourite records this year, and not because he is a member of BSS. It's because it is a well crafted record made with love, care, and landlines. 

We need to do what we love and with the people we love. If we don't what's the point in doing those things?

More of my disposable camera and Brendan Canning photos can be found on flickr.