Brendan Canning

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It's been a pretty exciting year for Broken Social Scene fans. It seems like everyone in the band is making stellar music on their own. From Justin Peroff's Junior Pande tapes on my friend's label Spring Break Tapes! to Aurora's latest release, and now Brendan Canning's solid record "You Gots 2 Chill."

The other night I convinced a my friend David to come over from Vancouver and my best bud, Darryl to hit Brendan Canning's show at Lucky Bar. It was the last date of the Canadian portion of his tour before heading south to Seattle.

 I'm not sure what I was expecting, but the show surpassed anything I was prepared for. Having only listened to Canning's latest record a couple times on my walk to work it made me wonder how it would translate to a live performance. A full band and a rotating cast of characters from the opening band Dinosaur Bones (who you should most definitely check out) filled the air with a dense rich sound. 

When you listen to either of Brendan Canning's solo records (yes, I count his Broken Social Scene Presents record) you can hear his direct influence in the song writing and structure of Broken Social Scene's songs. 

Several years ago when we were still young and dumb, Darryl and I set off to Vancouver to catch a Broken Social Scene show at Deer Lake Park with Jets Overhead, The Stills, and Sam Roberts. It's was at the tail end of Broken Social Scene's tour supporting their second record, and it blew my mind. I'd never known that a band could be that big, that amazing, and make that much amazing music. It's one of the concerts I fondly remember that changed my life.  We couldn't even sit through Sam Robert's set on the hill we were filled with the electric energy that had come from Broken Social Scene. 

Since then I have seen Broken Social Scene several times and each time with Darryl. It's a thing we do. Despite having gone to several BSS side project shows without Darryl I was happy I could share the experience of seeing Brendan Canning with him. My flickr is filled with photos from all those concerts. 

After the show I picked up Canning's latest release on vinyl. I bought it on itunes when my local record store didn't have it in stock the week it came out. I'm currently writing this laying on my couch listening to it. It's a beautiful record. It's a natural progression of Canning's music and there are certainly elements that I could see show up on future releases of any of his projects. 

Before I left I had a brief conversation with Brendan Canning about growing his beard back, but unfortunately that doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. Too much grey these days. He said I'll understand in a few years when I become less of a ginger. We shook hands and I grabbed a portrait of him with my disposable Ilford. I guess that's a thing I'm doing now. Taking pictures of everyone in their side projects. I got Aurora during Rifflandia. Maybe Kevin Drew is next? 

I highly recommend you check out Brendan Canning's latest record "You Gots 2 Chill." I'm currently in love with it and after every listen I have a new favourite song. 

More photos on my flickr.