News and Updates


That was a long hiatus. It wasn't supposed to be that long, but I guess it happens from time to time. I had two Rifflandia articles set to post while I was on vacation in Mexico, but I guess I forgot to queue them properly. It's a bit of a shame, but I'll fix that when I get back from Seattle later this weekend. 

A couple huge things are happening right now on the front. The first is I'm shooting my first official Seattle gig tonight. It's at the Sunset Tavern. I'm taking photos of one of the most inspiring people to hang out with, Mr. John Vanderslice. You might recall me raving about his talk at MaxFunCon this year or the time I went to Tiny Telephone (his studio) the year before. John is one of the kindest people out there and most certainly is the nicest person in rock. I'm really excited to shoot this tonight. If you can't tell. 

The second is that I'm going to be partnering with VIC42 to put on an event at Al Smith's studio. It'll be a couple day photo exhibit celebrating local concert photographers. It's called YYJ Rocktographers. More on that soon, but keep January 22nd, 2014 open on your calendars. That's when the big show is going to launch. 

Okay, I have to make sure I pack my passport into my camera bag before heading to Seattle in a couple hours.