I want to own a fancy axe  but just for show.

I'm in the market for an old fashioned red tool box. Maybe an antique.

I need a new tool box to free up some space in my tool bag that I use around the house and when building boats once a year. I don't need every single tool i own in the tool bag and a classic tool box would free me up from carrying everything.

Also it would double as a prop in the pilot I'm done writing. Well sort of... I've known for a while that i've wanted to write and direct a web series. Depending on how the pilot goes over (or how it gets made) I want to fundraise to make a 6 episode series.

So what is it about? Not giving that away just yet. It is going to be like a documentary/how to series. I've been toying with the idea for over 3 years. Thinking something similar to Put This On.

All I need to do is do some revisions get a cameraman, crew, designer of the internet, editor, and most importantly a host.

All in good time I guess.

CRC Live!

Monday night is the final product of a few weeks of hard work. So come out and see one of the coolest music podcasts out there live.

Jeremy will be interviewing JP Maurice, Liz Beattie, Dock Currie, and Jason Walsh. With some acoustic songs added in.

Black Stilt on Hillside. Come around 7pm show and the show starts roughly around 7:30pm and it is only $2.

Wonderful posters designed by our good friend Kat.

365 Women.

I'm going to Beerfest. I'm going on vacation this weekend. I'm doing things.

Speaking of doing things I was out with a friend of mine the other night you may know him as @jc_sharp on twitter, and we were discussing his new project among other things.

It's called "365 Women," and should promise to be a super interesting project. There is a good chance it might be a little funny too. Jason plans to ask out a lady a day even if it is just for coffee or drinks. It's his quest to conquer his fears (of asking out ladies) and possibly finding the "one."

Check out his brand new as of last night blog "365 Women: A year long journey to ask out 365 women."