Victoria Record Club: May 2012.

I decided to get an early jump on my Record Club notes for May as I'm going on vacation soon, and it's my birthday tomorrow.

May is another theme night for our little record club. We will be meeting up at Smith's Pub on Tuesday May 29th, 2012 to play some of our “Guilty Pleasures.” 

I don't really know what constitutes a “guilty pleasure” because you enjoy it. Why should you feel ashamed for your music taste? I'm sure everyone has some Unknown Pleasures (sorry had to make the joke). If you've ever spent some time with me on the road, at a party, sat in my living room, or just know me well you'd know I love new wave.

To put it simply Big Country's The Crossing is one of my favourite albums. You probably know their one song “In A Big Country” and that's about it. The 1980's put out some great music like Chalk Circle, The Psychedelic Furs, Boomtown Rats, and Rough Trade. That's not even the bands I love the most like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Church, and New Order. 

I've had a girlfriend almost break-up with me because of how much I liked “In A Big Country,” but what can I say she had bad taste in music. I guess my love of new wave borders on something more. Most people hate it so I guess that makes it my “guilty pleasure.” 

First up is Talk Talk's “It's My Life” off the album It's My Life. You'll know this song right away. If not for the original it would be for No Doubt's cover of it. I first came across Talk Talk on a mixed cd a friend gave me in high school. Ever since I've loved them. 

They are also one of Matt Good's favourite bands (I saw that in an interview once). 

Further studies: Lots of wildlife in the original music video, wikipedia, and No Doubt's cover of “It's My Life.”

My other “guilty pleasure” that borders on an unhealthy love for is Toto's “Africa” of Toto IV. This is my pump-up jam. I put “Africa” on if I want to get ready for something big and exciting. If you see me listening to headphones while walking around the Rifflandia Music Festival it's me trying to to get into the right headspace to shoot a major headliner. Chances are Toto is blasting through the speakers directly into my earholes.

I even want this song to be our theme song for the annual Build-A-Boat Race here in Sidney, BC. I have this grand vision of Shayne, Brian, and I standing together holding hands, creating a triforce, while singing about how we blessed the rains down in Africa. They are against it though for some weird reason.

Further watching: Toto's music video for “Africa,” wikipedia, and Peter Griffin smashing a vase full of flowers.

Hurry boy that download is waiting for you.

Download disappears on May 31st, 2012.