Victoria Record Club: April 2012.

Wow, I really let this one slip. I'm finally getting down to writing about what I brought to Record Club in April, and the May meeting is in two days. 

April was the first month I've been in Record Club when there was a theme. A very loose theme though. Not everyone knew there was a theme this month, and others assumed it would be a Record Store Day show-and-tell. 

At our March meeting we half decided we were going to do a High Fidelity themed record club meeting in April. We were all to bring a list of our Top 5, Side One, Track Ones as well hopefully be able to bring at least two of those to record club to play. 

Unfortunately I'm from that dark gap in human history where a lot of my favourite records only came out on compact disc. It was a bit of a struggle for me this month to find something I had on vinyl let alone being in My Top 5. I ended up just heading in with two records I really love, but have solid first tracks on them. 

The first record of mine we fired up was The Rolling Stones' Exile on Main St. Oh, that's really cliché isn't it? Why not Some Girls or Sticky Fingers? Exile was one of the first Stones albums I seriously got into (that wasn't Hot Rocks). I've been a Rolling Stones fan my whole life. It's in my blood. My grandpa has been a fan for as long as he can remember and the love of the Stones has been passed down through the generations. Heck, The Rolling Stones was my first concert. That's how much we love the Stones. 

A friend of mine once described “Rocks Off” as a punk song before there was punk rock. For me it has always been that opening riff. It always has. There is just something about it. It always sucks me right into the album. Kieth really figured that one out in his rented house in the south of France. 

When I watched Stones in Exile last year with my grandpa it really made me appreciate the album a lot more. I had always thought the album had been recorded in America. It just had that sound and feel of the “south.” Turns out having the blues in south France you come up with similar sounds. 

Further studies: Robert Frank's footage of The Rolling Stones in LA/New York in 1971, wikipedia, and a promo video for Stones in Exhile

Up next was Archie Bell & The Drells with “Tighten Up.” 

Oh, you brought a funk/Motown record? Hipster. Yup, you caught me. I'm an asshole who has always liked R&B, Funk, and the whole Motown sound. I remember my sister buying a best of Atlantic Records cd when we were kids and I think for the next 6 months it was the only thing the family listened to. My mom always had Etta James playing around the house too. I think that's why I've always identified with this type of music. 

Further watching: Sandy doing the Fishstick, and a live television performance by Archie Bell & The Drells in 1968. 

It's funny to think now how much my family has influenced my taste in music. Inheriting my mom and dad's record collection has been amazing too. Pink Floyd, The Who, Rush, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, The Ventures, and hundreds more has certainly been a blessing.

Who knew my parents had such great taste in music?

Download disappears on May 31st, 2012.