Victoria Record Club: March 2012.

It's been a while since I've been to a Record Club meeting, but then again there hasn't been a meeting in quite a while either.

This time our meeting wasn't at someone's house, a weird art space, or some back alley record shop. It was at Smith's. You know the one. That hipster bar in downtown Victoria where you'd expect there to be some kind of monthly “record club” meeting. On like the last Tuesday of the month for the rest of time.

I've been staying at my folks a lot lately dogsitting while they've been off gallivanting around Mexico on various vacations so I didn't have access to my records really. I rushed home on my coffee break on the Tuesday of record club and grabbed a handful of records to think about playing. I grabbed a Glen Campbell best of, some Long Winters, a Shins 7”, and a couple more.

I drove into town still not knowing what I wanted to play despite talking about it with Jay over twitter days earlier. When I got there I just grabbed the first two things I saw, but would only end up playing one of them.

First up was the b-Side off John Vanderslice's single for D.I.A.L.O. called Do What You Want. It's a jam I dig a lot. John has been one of my favourite artists over the last few years, and I to this day would still declare one of the nicest people in the music business.

John owns and operates Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. It's one of the last analog recording studios out there, and you'd be surprised how many of your favourite artists have recorded there. I recommend looking up John Vanderslice he has a great discography, is an amazing photographer, and is an all around great guy.

Further watching: John Vanderslice on The Merlin Show, and the music video for "Overcoat."

Next up was going to be The Long Winter's song Fire Island, AK but that didn't happen. (Yes, Jeremy I did bring The Long Winters twice.) Instead Michelle (ehbseasides) found a free record with a live recording of one of my favourite songs by Big Country. Unfortunately that didn't get played either because Jer couldn't read in the dark.

Further watching: John Roderick on The Merlin Show, and Top of The Pops.

So here is all three songs up for a limited time.You missed it. Again if you miss it you miss it. I love all these bands and own multiple copies of most of their stuff so support them by buying a record or two.

John Vanderslice - “Do What You Want b-side off the 7” single for “D.I.A.L.O.” off the album Romanian Names.

The Long Winters – “Fire Island, AK of the album Putting The Days To Bed.

Big Country - “In A Big Country” of the album The Crossing.

Download disappears April 4th, 2012.