RE: My Concerns Regarding The Copyright Modernization Act Bill C-11

Thank you for your letter expressing your concerns about Bill C-11, The Copyright Modernization Act, in particular the consequences of the bill’s inclusion of stringent, anti-circumvention provisions.

Although Bill C-11 may be an improvement on earlier iterations of this type of legislation, its digital lock tilts the balance too far in favor of industry. Current legislation allows for certain groups such as students and journalists to use works without copyright permission or payment. By enshrining digital locks, this bill would effectively eliminate these special exemptions when the information is digitally encrypted.

Some of the bill’s provisions are positive, as it recognizes several new user rights, including allowing for everyday activities such as recording television shows or moving music files from one platform to another. People can also copy any content they legally own for personal use. A welcome addition to this legislation is the provision allowing for the ripping and mixing media content for personal parodies and remixes, including YouTube clips.

All of these exceptions are trumped, however, if the original content is digitally encrypted. This digital lock provision is straight from the US’s draconian Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and should be immediately revised.

As a Member of Parliament, I am committed to supporting the principles of fair use, consumer information privacy, communications market competition and rationalization of the statutory damages provision.

Thank you again for your letter, and I hope you continue to stand up for the issues you believe in.


Elizabeth May, O.C., M.P.
Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands
Leader of the Green Party of Canada

This was the actual reply I got from my local MP Elizabeth May. 

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