“Hi! How are you?” 

It's not pretty and it's certainly not fun, but I'm okay. There are no pictures. I'm certainly not going to take one. I don't have an x-ray to wave about, and I don't have a cast.

What I do have is a crack through one of the bones in my foot. Making it extremely difficult for me to do any real moving along at a decent speed. There is a limp. I walk funny because I'm resting my wait on my big toe and my heel. Staying away from the “palm” of my foot. I've been bombing around on crutches from time to time. Icing in the meantime. As you can guess there are no painkillers. Also I'm not at work. 

I do have to say my friends have been super solid offering to pick up groceries, drive me around, and you know generally awesome. Kat wins friend of the year though for picking me up at the hospital in a deathtrap when I couldn't get a cab. 

All in all I'm doing well. Bored out of my fucking skull though. I think I've watched a series and a half of Doctor Who now. Yes, I'm watching that now. I'm into series 5 as I write this so shut up nerds. I watch all six episodes of Sherlock at 90 minutes a piece. I've also rewatched a few Sophia Coppola movies, a movie about Joy Division, a couple documentaries, and my regular weekly television digest. Too much British television maybe? 

I did a little bit of cleaning today. It's hard to be on my feet for too long though. So I gave up and finished Chris Hardwick's book. I listened to music, podcasts, and a bit of 'Life'. Can you tell I'm bored? I need to find something to fill my time that isn't television, video games, or movies. 

I've been writing a little. I keep getting distracted though. Looks like my allergies are acting up.  

Time to ice the foot.