Saying Goodbye (Guitar).

During last nights Victoria House Concert B, Andy announced that he is starting a charity to give the gift of music to an adolescent or teenager in the community that wouldn't have the opportunity otherwise. Andy held a small auction for guitar lessons with Shaun Verreault with all proceeds going to the new charity. It really got me thinking.

A few years ago when I was working in the spice mines I had a bit of an accident. It involved a box cutter, my wrist, a lot of blood, and several hours in a waiting room to get stitched up. After the accident I started to realize I had lost the the feeling in two of the fingers in my hand. Still fully functioning fingers, but without the fun sensation of feeling.

It was around this time I was really discovering playing a guitar. A few months before my accident I decided to stop borrowing my sister's guitar and buy my own.

I fell in love with my guitar as soon as I saw it. Matte black, Canadian made, cherry wood, electric-acoustic. An Art & Luthrie cutaway. Just a beautiful piece of art. Something to be proud of and to show off. I loved the shit out of the guitar until my accident happened. Then it just sat there on it's guitar stand starring back at me wanting to pick it up.

Over the last few years I've made some serious attempts at trying to get back into it, but it never panned out. I'd get frustrated, and put it back in its case. A constant reminder of something I wanted to be good at, but could no longer achieve. It's hard when a lot of your friends are struggling musicians, and they bug you to pick up the guitar to play along with them. Not quite understanding why you can't play anymore.

Here I am with a beautiful guitar sitting in my living room collecting dust and looking like a tragic piece of art unloved. There have been much contemplation about selling my guitar, but it never felt right. I want my guitar to go to someone who is really going to appreciate it. Someone who is going to love it. Someone to treat it right.

That's when I made my decision. I'm going to donate it to this charity Andy from Victoria House Concert B is starting. For him to give to a kid who could really love it, and otherwise wouldn't be able to have a guitar. I know my guitar is going to make some kid really happy, and at the end of the day that's all I want. Not money, but the satisfaction of knowing someone out there is happy because of my guitar.

I dusted her off, cleaned the case up, packed in my tuner, some extra picks, and a guitar strap.

Everyone needs music in their lives.