Rifflandia: Where I'm going to be.

Photo by Keri Coles

Howdy folks,

A few people have been asking where I'm going to be during Rifflandia this year. So I'll give you the details. 

Thursday September 22nd, 2011: Not going anywhere. Got work to do at home, and stuff to get ready. 

Friday September 23rd, 2011: Heading to Royal Athletic Park to catch Mother Mother and Broken Social Scene. Afterwards I'm shooting from 9:30PM to 2:00AM at Sugar Nightclub (Sage Francis). 

Saturday September 24th, 2011: Might go to Royal Athletic for a little bit. Maybe just USS. I could care less about the rest of the bands playing that day at RAP. Afterwards I'm shooting from 9:30PM - 2:00 AM at Alix Goolden Hall (J. Mascis).

Sunday September 25th, 2011: Short day for me. Shooting at Royal Athletic Park's Mainstage during Daniel Wesley and De La Soul. I'll probably end up at the park all day. 

Look for my photos to be uploaded on the Rifflandia Smugmug.