Once In A Lifetime.

Panorama by Tyson ElderBetween towns and mountain ranges I found the reception to something other than gospel choirs, and preachers. There is are several disadvantages to driving a pickup across British Columbia in the summertime. No A/C, no cruise control, running out of windshield washer fluid, uncomfortable seats, and the worst of all just having an am/fm radio. 

When I leave on these crazy road trips for work I usually have some cds or a tape adapter for my ipod to pass some time, but this time I didn't have those options. I just had to deal with whatever I could pick up on the broken antenna of a rented Chevy. Somewhere south of 100 Mile House, but north of Cache Creek I finally picked up a fuzz rock and roll station. I think it was named after a Canadian progressive rock trio. It played some good tunes for the forty-five minutes I picked them up, but one song caught my attention. 

It was the Talking Head's classic Once in a Lifetime. You know the one. It's all “there is water at the bottom of the ocean,” and David Bryne sweats a lot. If you don't know the song we can't be friends, but you can watch the music video by clicking here

So here I was driving alone on a highway with nothing, but my thoughts and The Talking Heads. Those of you who know me might know I'm not the happiest camper most of the time. I think it has a lot to do with not quite knowing what I'm doing with my life. Most of the time I feel like I'm doing nothing with it. I soaked in the scenery of decaying barns and churches that I flew by with the radio cranked. 

I've always really enjoyed listening to The Talking Heads, but today was different. I actually listened to “Once in a Lifetime.” I mean listened to the lyrics. All of a sudden they made sense. Well, they made sense to me. I found myself behind the wheel of a large automobile asking myself where that highway leads to. That and a million other questions. Most of them to do with happiness, and life in general. 

As I was shifting across this vast country I came to the conclusion that this song is going to be one of those songs that sticks out in my life. Making me question things, and make me feel a feeling I can't exactly describe. No, it isn't a slight fizzing feeling in my gentleman's area. It's one of those songs about being, and not knowing why. I'm sure it is all part of this mid twenties crisis I've been having for the last year or so. 

Another song I feel similarly about oddly enough is Blink 182's “Dammit.” I tried to write about it a while ago, but it's hard to articulate the feelings I have when listening to it. It's not like being happy, sad, angry, or anything you can really label. The closest I've ever gotten is that it is maybe disappointment in myself with a touch of something else, but that's not it. 

I don't want you think I'm some depressed piece of shit complaining about something. I'm actually far from it right now. There is a little ambition to do somethings that aren't work, and doing 4100km in two days was real fun. I got to see some very cool things on my trip. I just wanted to point out that a song I've known and listened to for my entire life caught me off guard with something more than music. A message or something.

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down.