A List of Things.

I haven't written anything in a couple days. I haven't written on my seven fifty in four days, and that really sucks. I was really enjoying doing that. Now I get to start all over again. I have written in one or two of my little notebooks you'll find scattered throughout my basement suite. I require every room to have at least two notebooks half filled.

So here are some titles and bullet points in the notebooks that I've written over the last couple days.

-Vigilante Justice is A-O-K with me.
-Water is thicker than blood.
-On the nose.
-Why no one cares what you think.
-Why I stopped believing in peace, love, and understanding.
-Other fairytales that aren't true.
-Hi, How Are You?
-How to suscessfully not talk to your parents when all you want to do is talk to parents.
-Shut the fuck up about Twitter and just tweet.
-Why your business doesn't need twitter or how to alienate a consumer base by hiring a Social Media Guru.
-The sun is shining let's shit in public.
-Complaints about winning.
-Poor winners and poor losers. 

I think I could probably work a couple of these into a book deal. I know at least two of these I want to turn into a panel at Social Media Camp. I can see the reactions now. 

Can you tell I'm not a happy camper right now?