Do What You Want.

Right now there are two things sitting on a memo pad I keep open on my desktop. One is for one of those super personal posts that I've been thinking about writing a lot lately. The other is another idea I've been working on for a day and a night. It's scattered between bits of paper, notebooks, and documents on my computer. I posted what will be the base on my tumblr last night

This afternoon I sent my Peruvian journal posts over to Journals Abroad. You can expect to see those on there sometime soon. If you have read this blog for over a year they are nothing new to you, but they will be new to the readers there. Soon enough I'll be reworking and reposting them on Journals Abroad. I think. Deleting the originals on the website, and redoing them. I know I should just do them now, but you know I'm lazy.

Getting in the habit of writing again has and is difficult. I let it slip a little while ago. I was doing so well I wrote seven hundred and fifty words a day for twenty eight days, but for some reason decided not to keep it going. I think I was staying at my parents, and I hate using their computer for anything. So it was easier to not write. That's a shitty excuse. This month it's been off and on writing. Although I am writing everyday just mostly in one of my trusty Field Notes notebook. I really love writing, drawing, and using them on a daily basis. These are the only notebooks that I'm actually filling up from the first page to the last page. I have far too many notebooks that are a quarter full sitting around here. 

I've been really inspired lately. Ryley (Journals Abroad), Darryl, and I have been talking lots. We are all focusing on Journals Abroad. It's a project we all believe in (not that our individual projects aren't worthy). We are all inspiring each other do to things, and that's really working out well. Look for a refresh soon. There is a lot of productivity talking going on around the JA camp. We want to ship. I hate myself for using the word "ship." 

Speaking of hating SEO and Social Media Gurus. Have I told you how much I dislike them lately? Probably not, because I'm too busy not posting on here. I like to make fun of them on twitter quite a bit. It's funny talking to my friends about it. Most feel the same way I do. I'm starting to question why businesses and anyone over 35 needs a twitter. I don't care that you sell cars, wine, or soap. I don't care about twitter. It's just there to make jokes or talk about the food you just ate. 

"Stop talking about twitter and fucking tweet!" - Darryl Ring. 

Hey, look it is another one of those posts where I talk about different things until I become self aware that it is happening. 

I'm out of beer, but that's a good thing. I'm ready to switch off beer for an indefinite amount of time, but because it is summer they are readily available. Also beer hits the spot after a hard days work. I just want to drink bourbon. It's my favourite, and I don't feel crappy after drinking two or three glasses. I just feel sleepy.

I'm thinking of quiting some food for a while. Wait? Tyson already doesn't eat meat why would he stop eating other food? I don't eat the healthiest, and I need to change that. There is a reason this blog was almost called "World's Fattest Vegetarian!" I'm tired of relying on breads and cheeses to make up for those things that I don't eat. That seems to be the only things restaurants think will fill the void of meats. Do you think it would be bad for me if I only ate yogurt, granola, and salad for a month? Oh man my pee would smell so bad. Why would I be smelling my pee? I don't know I just remember that from when I was traveling Europe and pretty much only ate salad for a couple weeks. I'd like to try a month without cheese. That means no pizza, quesidillas, nachos, and whatever else is smothered in cheese to make it delicious. I also want to cut white breads from my diet. I pretty much only eat whole wheat, but I do like to buy white bread sometimes. We will see though.

Whatever you do you have to commit.