A Title.

I've always thought I haven't given a fuck, but lately I'm not so sure.

I've been talking a lot. About everything. It's important to have people you can actually talk to about things. Be it politics, family, work, the future, and the wide variety of shit that you think about on a daily basis. It's been therapeutic without having to pay to go to a shrink. It also helps when those people bounce ideas back off you. It's nice to know there are like minded folks out there. 

I've also been writing lots. You might be thinking I haven't been, because I've not posted anything on here, tumblr, or Journals Abroad in a while. Well, I have been. About a week ago Darryl told me about this website called 750words.com. Basically I can write there without publishing what I wrote everyday. I guess it is like keeping a journal or a diary, but it helps train you to getting in the habit of writing everyday. I usually write between 850-1100 words a day. It helps get things out of my head. It also helps get a flow going. I start writing with my hands and heart instead of my brain. It's a good thing.

I've been getting a lot off my chest, but it isn't chest hair.