Bandwagon Fever!

Fire up the bandwagon the Canucks have made the play-offs. For the first time in all the years I've lived on the west coast I'm worried the Canucks have a chance at the final round of the play-offs. I can't say the Stanley Cup, because frankly I don't know who's likely to make it in the East.  That and the Detroit Red Wings are going to win the cup. 

I'm not a Vancouver Canucks fan. I never have been, and I never will. Shit, I just lost all but two of the people who still read this blog. I don't want to say I dislike the Canucks, because I don't think that is a strong enough sentiment. Hate is closer to how I feel about the Canucks, but it is too strong of a word.

I'm not from the West Coast. I'm one of those transplants that ended up here during high school. My family moved around some when I was growing up, because my dad was in the Canadian Air Force. Vancouver Island was his last posting, and for the most part it is the one place that has felt more like home to me. I now identify myself as a West Coaster, and I dislike the Centre of The Universe with an undying passion. I've spent some time out there, and have formed my own opinions about Ontario. The only real reason for me to go out there is to visit my family, and those people are pretty cool in my books. Mainly one little guy, but I'm getting off topic.

So I've never really identified with any hockey team as my "home team." Sure I lived in Edmonton, but who wants to cheer for the Oilers post Gretzky? Okay, they've had decent teams in the past decade. 2006 I think was the last good team. The one team I could sort of call my home team folded. That's the Winnipeg Jets. I caught a few games when we lived in Winnipeg. I actually got to see one of their very last games before the end, and I caught the first Manitoba Moose game when they came to town. The Manitoba Moose are a great physical team to watch. In the very first game they played in Winnipeg there was blood on the ice before the first period was done. Now all you Vancouver fans are thinking I should just love the Canucks just because I like the Moose. Not going to happen. 

Over my young years I played hockey, and I had a few "favourite" teams. I fell for the Disney hockey team the Mighty Ducks shortly after seeing that movie with Emilio Estevaz. My passion for the Ducks was reinvigorated with my purple Mighty Ducks sweatpants, and D2. I was a little kid remember. Eventually I moved on to the San Jose Sharks. They had a pretty cool logo. A shark biting a hockey stick. That is reason enough to like a hockey team in my books.

My dad's favourite hockey team has always been the Detroit Red Wings, and it wasn't until later in my life that they became mine. It isn't because my life was saturated with Red Wings propaganda, and merchandise. If anything as a teenager you'd think that it would be a reason to rebel. It was when I actually sat down and watch the Red Wings play a game. Watching the Detroit play is like watching a well oiled machine run. For the most part they work as a team, and construct plays. A play isn't something you see in hockey. Often when watching an NHL game you see a team as a group of players and that one star. The star that gets all the attention. The one that scores all the goals. There are no rewards to the guy who assisted him. I've never liked puck hogs. That comes from my years of playing hockey as a kid. Never getting the break always being told to make the pass to the coach's hot shot shit kid.

I enjoy watching Detroit play a hockey game. Even if they lose I'm not upset after the game looking to quickly blame someone for a slip up. I do remember that this wasn't the case for Canuck fans for the last decade. Quick to blame someone for a short coming of an entire team. One day they will turn on their good ole' saviour, Luongo. I'll relish that day. 

I think the main reason over the years the fans have been one of the main reasons I've disliked the Canucks. Yes, there are good fans and I'm sure you are one of them. It's the bandwagon, the quick to blame, and the instigators. I forgot to mention that I once saw a group of Canucks fans start a fight with a guy wearing a Sharks jersey outside of the arena when I was there for a game. Canucks fans didn't get thrown in the cop car. Funny that. It scares me to think of what would actually happen if the Canucks won the Stanley Cup. Riots? Yes. What if they lost in the finals? Riots? Yes. It is one thing to love your home team, but it is another to destroy your "hometown" for the sake of a sporting event. That said sports riots are pretty fun to watch on television. Especially when you live on an island separated (sort of) from the idiots. 

I know I didn't really explain why I don't like the Canucks. Now you sort of know that I watch hockey regularly, and have a favourite team. I didn't even get started on how much I hate those car flags that say "Canucks: President Cup Winners."

As I write this from my couch Detroit is up 2-0 on Phoenix.